Herbs in French Cooking

Tuesday, 16 Apr 2019 | 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
In this delightful and relaxing workshop, which is suitable for all ages, we examine the fresh herbs available at the French market. Lucy scouts out the market for a bunch of each of the fresh herbs currently in season (generally 10-12 full bunches of different herbs), and in this workshop, we learn each of their names, familiarize ourselves with their appearance, texture, aroma and flavors, and learn how each is used in French cooking. Participants are encouraged to draw pictures, and are provided with written materials and recipes. We learn to tie our own bouquet garni and create a court bouillon with a classic 4 herb grouping. We make our own rustic pâte brisée, and cook a soft farmer's cheese and fresh fines-herbes tarte. We also prepare and make an aromatic herb infused sugar syrup to enjoy over yogurt at the end of class. This is a 2 hour workshop.

Unless otherwise noted, all classes are in English.
Children under 15 must be accompanied by a participating adult companion for this class.

About Plum Lyon: The Plum Lyon kitchen welcomes you to come and cook in Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France. Located in the ancient silk-worker's district on the hill of the Croix Rousse, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen is offering seasonal market classes, classic French cooking, children's workshops in English, and single subject ateliers that cover a chosen technique or theme in French cuisine. We accommodate maximum 6 students per class. There is plenty of opportunity for hands-on learning in our classes.