France has entered the beginning stages of re-opening.  


We're looking forward to the day when classes can resume.  We've made the decision to put sign-ups on hold until we are absolutely sure that classes can proceed safely, however.  We'll be here, thinking of you, making pastry, keeping in touch with our market producers, artisans and purveyors, and working on seasonal menus and recipes to make things even better.  


Classes will Resume


and we'll meet again, hopefully later in the year.  Our current plan is to make the decision about when to re-open during the summer months, taking international travel conditions and public health advisories into consideration.  


While you're waiting...


Keep up with how we're adapting to the situation on our instagram page.  (Link at the top of this page) As we look to the future, we'll be reviewing some of the good times we've had in recent years and sharing what is naturally coming from the French markets through the seasons.  


PLUM LYON's cookbook and the story of Plum is taking shape. Would you like to get on the list of the first people to receive it?  Contact me! 


Thank you ever so much.

For your patience and moral support.  They mean so much!    




P.S.  All refunds for Spring/Summer 2020 registrations have taken place, and we'd like to thank you for your patience and understanding while that rolled out.  It will be such a pleasure to spend time with you in the kitchen as soon as this crisis ends.  


Vive la France! Vive la cuisine francaise! Vive la cuisine Lyonnaise!