Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the address of the Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen?

A. Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen
49 rue des Tables Claudiennes

Q. What's the best way to get to Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen?

A. Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen is a 5 to 10 minute downhill walk from Metro Croix Rousse. Proceed south from the station down Rue des Pierres Plantées, through the Jardin de la Grande Cote, and down the pedestrian walk to rue des Tables Claudiennes. Turn left onto rue des Tables Claudiennes and proceed to the storefront at number 49.

Alternatively, the S6 bus line begins at Hotel de Ville, and will take you directly to the kitchen. Plum's stop is Tables Claudiennes. After descending from the bus, continue along the same street in the direction the bus is going for approximately 1 block to the storefront at number 49.

You can also get a TAXI to 49, rue des Tables Claudiennes, 69001. The Plum kitchen is in the store front at this address.

Q. Should I be looking out for a ticket through the post or other physical confirmation of my registration for a class at Plum Lyon?

A. Since our classes are generally limited to 6 to 8 participants maximum, the class list is easy to track so you do not need to present anything on paper once you are signed up. Once you have made your registration and receive your payment confirmation, you are on the class list. On an e-mail with your invoice with the subject line: Plum Lyon: Payment Confirmation, the name of the class, the date and time of your class, and the physical address of the Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen are noted. All you have to do is arrive for class, ready to cook!

Q. Can I accompany my travel companion in class without signing up for the class myself?

A. We do not have space in our facility or at the table to accommodate companions who do not also reserve their own spot in class. This includes parents of children who meet age requirements attending class. We understand that not everyone shares enthusiasm for cooking, and that it seems like a solution to watch or wait in the wings without signing up. Unfortunately it disrupts our group dynamic and it's against our policy.

We encourage travel companions who do not want to sign up for class to explore the many possibilities for activities in the surrounding area. Museums, shops, cafés, and parks abound, all within a small periphery. Meeting up at the end of the day or after an afternoon workshop will offer plenty of time to exchange and share stories!

Please take note: We ask that any minors be accompanied by an adult who also registers for the class.

Q. Do you have a requirement for a minimum number of participants?

A. We can hold a Market Table class with a minimum of 2 registered participants. While many classes at Plum Lyon are fully booked well in advance, from time to time, notably early or late in the season, regularly scheduled classes may not meet the minimum number of participants. In the rare event that you are the only person registered for a class, you will be contacted to make arrangements for attendance in another class if it will fit into your schedule, or issue a full refund.

Q. Is Lunch served during your Market Table Classes?

The Market Table classes include a full multiple-course meal served over the stretch of the afternoon, with the group cooking in between each course. Beginning with simply prepared appetizers and a sampling of market finds in the kitchen, the group proceeds to prepare a main dish that is served at the table, followed by a full cheese platter that you put together as a group, discussing aspects of French culture surrounding le plateau de fromages. The day ends with the classic French dessert you have prepared step by step throughout the day. So YES, lunch is served during the Market Table class.

Q. If I send you an e-mail inquiring about availability for a class on your schedule or the possibility of a private class, are the dates that I have inquired about automatically reserved?

A. Inquiries about classes at Plum Lyon are answered promptly. Your positive confirmation (by reserving the dates through the registration process, producing an invoice number) is required before we can take any action to block or hold a date or spot in class in our calendar. Under no circumstance will we hold or block class dates without positive confirmation that you plan to attend.

Q. Can I register my children for adult classes at Plum?

A. While we periodically offer classes specifically for children, it is always a pleasure to welcome families with children 12 years old and up to our 3 hour pastry workshops, or 16 years or up to the Market Table classes. It may come as a surprise, but often the children turn out to be quite adept, because they pick up skills very quickly. We ask that any children be accompanied by an adult who also registers for the class. We do not accept registrations of children under 16 in our all-day Market Table classes.

Q. Do I have to bring my own equipment or apron to my cooking class at Plum Lyon?

A. Everything is provided for your class in Plum's equipped kitchen. Just bring yourself and prepare to relax and have a good time!

Q. Will I be working at my own station in my class at Plum Lyon?

A. During our Market Table classes, when appropriate, you will be assigned your own set of knives and cutting board for various tasks as we prepare our meal together. We'll lend you an apron, a towel, and individual refreshments. When we cook at Plum, our small group cooks each dish together as a group from A-Z. Your are welcomed to take part in any and all of this preparation, and will be encouraged to participate. If your preference is to cook on your own with individualized attention, please know that we can arrange for private classes. Please contact Plum for details.

Q. Is breakfast served at the beginning of the Market Table Class?

A. No, you should have breakfast before your arrival at the Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen at 9:00 am. On a Tuesday or Friday, you might consider a breakfast pastry and coffee served by a barista at Les Tables Claudiennes, located at 41 rue des Tables Claudiennes. They open at 8:00 am and are a two minute walk down the street to the kitchen. They are not open on Saturdays.

Q. What level are the classes at Plum?

A. All of our classes are designed for the home cook, and no prior experience is required. We accept everyone from very beginners to experienced cooks. We have welcomed culinary professionals of various levels in the full day classes as an opportunity to experience the French outdoor market, to cook here in France, taste the cheeses and local wines in an English language setting, with explanations of history and context to allow for cultural discovery from that perspective. It would be best, however, to know right off that this is not a professional course, but instead caters to a spectrum of skill levels.

Q. Can you tell me what will be on the Market Table menu in advance? I'm trying to decide if I want to register for a class.

A. At Plum we do not make promises before a class about the preparation of any dish because the market changes from day to day: ingredients can be available one day and disappear the next. Because planning in advance is impossible under these conditions, we walk the market together, see what looks good, looks interesting, what's the freshest. Then we decide as a group. It might be good to know that most of our French pastry classes are pre-set, so you know exactly what you're getting into from the outset. If you are uneasy about the unknown, why not consider a pastry workshop?

Q. I have trouble walking and standing. Can I handle a full day Market Class?

A. The Market Table Classes entail approximately 3 hours walking outside: The walk to the market is about .4 miles or .6 kilometers, with a gain of 135 feet or 40 meters in altitude. There are 11 flights of stairs, but we take them slowly and stop often to discuss the history of Lyon's gastronomy on the way up. The whole market walk that starts and ends at the kitchen is approximately 2 miles or 3.25 kilometers.

Stools are available in the kitchen if you need to rest once we start cooking. In general, you should expect that your full day of cooking will involve plenty of time on your feet. If you have trouble walking or knee, back or hip problems that prevent you from climbing hills or stairs, please contact us and we can provide you with enough information to decide if you will be able to physically handle the class.

Q. Can you suggest good restaurants during our visit to Lyon?

A. Plum does have a list of recommended restaurants and activities in Lyon, available on request during class to students. Ask during class, and Lucy will print one out for you. If you have registered for a class, but need the list before the class, feel free to contact Lucy.

Q. Can Plum cater to my dietary restrictions, sensitivities and allergies?

A. Requests for restrictions are handled on a case by case basis and are generally accommodated through alternatives with plating. We may accommodate vegetarian or selective meat requests with the understanding that these choices may be prepared in class and presented to other guests at the table.

Please note: If you have life-threatening allergies or a medically imposed elimination diet that excludes full categories of foods, we ask that you not sign up for a group class. Instead, you should inquire about the availability of a private class where we can take the measures necessary to meet your specific needs - and still do a great class for you.

Q. Does Plum offer a diploma or certificate at the end of a class?

A. Plum does not provide a certificate or diploma, although you'll have plenty of photos and memories to share!

Q. I am in Lyon and want to come to the kitchen and discuss the possibility of signing up for a class. Is it alright to stop in while class is in session?

A. If you need an appointment to speak to us, you can make contact by e-mail to find out an appropriate time to visit. During class, we are on a tight schedule, and an interruption of even 5 minutes can lead to the class falling behind schedule. Our responsibility is to the students who have reserved and paid for their time at Plum, and we ask that you please respect their right to our undivided attention during class time.

Q. Do you offer free classes to culinary and travel bloggers in exchange for coverage?

A. From time to time we have held specially conceived events here at Plum for bloggers. These events are free of attachment and strings, and are meant to support bloggers. We never ask for any kind of coverage from these events. They are planned with the simple goal of extending good will, and like-minded people enjoying a gathering and the spirit of self-improvement though learning a new skill.

Event themes have centered on technical and creative aspects of blogging itself, learning a new culinary skill that will improve us as cooks, demystifying a technique, photography and styling, and just getting together. Events are announced on our Facebook page and generally have a registration page on Plum's website when they are offered.

However: Under no circumstances do we ever participate in "pay for play" arrangements, "sponsored posts" in exchange for attending Plum's regularly scheduled classes, nor do we ever place any conditions on participation in our events. If you are a blogger, please don't ask for freebies in exchange for coverage. Our business structure does not support it.

Q. Help, my transaction won't go through because my shipping and billing addresses are in different countries. What should I do?

A. If you are traveling or living abroad but paying with an account from your home country, indeed your shipping and billing addresses may be in different countries, which could cause a problem with payment. When reserving your place in a Plum Lyon class, we suggest that you confirm your shipping address to be the same as your billing address. We use this address very rarely, most often to send a greeting card after your class at Plum. Since our classes are limited to 6 to 8 participants, the class list is easy to track so you do not need to present anything on paper once you are signed up.

Q. Payment problems: Every time I try to register, it takes me to Paypal, but I don't have an account. What should I do?

A. Plum's transactions are handled by PayPal, but you certainly don't have to have a PayPal account to use it. You always have the option to use a credit or bank card at check out. If you want to pay by credit card or do not have a Paypal account, choose don't have a PayPal account? (even if you have a paypal account you can click this for credit card options). You will be taken to an alternative menu within PayPal where you can choose Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and several other card options.

Q. I don't want to pay on-line. Can I pay you in cash when I arrive for the class?

A. For accounting and security reasons, we do not handle cash at Plum. We do not keep cash on hand in the kitchen to provide monetary change. Numbered invoices are generated when you register on-line and it presents a significant administrative burden that interferes with our accounting procedures to create a manual invoice.

We understand however, that sometimes bank related payment problems happen, and they seem to happen at the worst moments when we're traveling. Don't worry. If you are having bank or international card related problems, we will do everything we can to ensure that a spot in a class that is available at your time of attempted payment remains available until a solution is found. Don't hesitate to contact us should you find that your transaction will not go through and you're worried the class might fill up before the problem is straightened out.

Q. Why "PLUM"?

A. There were a lot of ideas converging when the time came to give the kitchen a name, and the word "plum" corresponded with so many facets of the situation and placement of the kitchen that it seemed perfect. Plum as a word has multi-faceted meanings! We hope you like it.