A quiet moment when class is not in session. 

L'Amuse Bouche
Getting ready to have a little glass of bubbly before continuing class, accompanied by a little "saladier Lyonnaise", which has very little to do with salad and much to do with the joy of a communal table.

Fresh goat cheese and foraged wild and cultivated herbs are often the inspiration for a little fun in the kitchen. It isn't hard to imagine a variety of interesting outcomes when we're surrounded by the vibrance of life at Lyon's Marché de la Croix Rousse.  What would you prepare with this lovely cresson?  

An interesting outcome one day.

Cherries are in abundance in the month of June in France.  Hundreds of possibilities, and one meal to prepare is enough to bring tears to my eyes, but somehow as a group we forge through and do the very best we can in each and every Market Table day.  

Fresh farm raised rabbit and poultry does not need tenderizing, alas. I suppose I'll phase that out. (just kidding!)

Come visit! 



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The Meat Tenderizer.

The very best testimonial I ever received was a hand machined meat tenderizer.  It was made from scratch by a student who sent it by post unannouced with a beautiful note some time after class. 

Thank you Ron Cox, of Peck, Kansas!  I cherish the meat tenderizer greatly and have used it time and time again.  In fact, I admit that I have come up with every excuse to tenderize meat, and crush and smash things with it.  It is fondly in the back of my mind every time I am standing before a butcher's display. It may have corrupted my vision of all meat forever, making me seek out the tough and flavorful meats that need tenderizing. I think... no I am sure, that this is my personal favorite kitchen tool, ever. It is well loved and used often (as you can tell from the photos).