Le Paris-Brest

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Making a grand entrance to any festive table, the Paris-Brest has an unequalled caramel crunch, crisp pastry and delicious praliné flavored crème mousseline. This vintage pastry has been featured prominently in the windows of French pastry shops for over 100 years and has recently been making a comeback among the haute-pâtisserie élite. The Paris-Brest we execute together in class incorporates a great set of useful French pastry techniques that can also be applied independently: choux pastry, piping and tips on how to maximize height and structure in your pastry, pralines from raw hazelnuts and how to prepare the famous praliné flavored crème mousseline. Come to Plum Lyon and add this memorable French pastry to your repertoire.

This class is limited to 4 participants.

ABOUT PLUM LYON: The Plum Lyon kitchen welcomes you to come and cook in Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France. Located in the ancient silk-worker's district on the hill of the Croix Rousse, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen is offering seasonal market classes, classic French cooking, children's workshops in English, and single subject ateliers that cover a chosen technique or theme in French cuisine. Plum Lyon has obtained the prestigious label of "Outstanding Experience" from Vallée de la Gastronomie-France and is rated No. 1 by Tripadvisor in classes and workshops in Lyon. We accommodate 6-8 students per class. There is plenty of opportunity for hands-on learning in our classes.

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