Private Evening Class

Price based on 4 people in class | Contact Plum to plan your class
The evening class is great for groups to build teams in a relaxed environment after a busy day. It features a seasonal menu with fresh local ingredients chosen from the market in advance.

Our menu is inspired not only from the best of the fresh Lyonnais produce from local farmers, but may also be designed to include finds from Lyon's last open market triperie, fresh hunted game in season, or wild foraged herbs and mushrooms.

The menu is similar to Plum Lyon's Market Table Classes, but instead of visits to the market, prep is done in advance to focus on cooking and enjoying the evening, always with an emphasis on Lyonnais culinary specialties and classic French cuisine that will become memorable gems in your repertoire.

Depending on the times set for the class and the size of your group, mise en place and advance preparations will take place to allow your group to prepare their meal within the times set for class.

Contact Lucy to find out the possibilities and rates for your group's private evening class.

About Plum Lyon: The Plum Lyon kitchen welcomes you to come and cook in Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France. Located in the ancient silk-worker's district on the hill of the Croix Rousse, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen is offering seasonal market classes, classic French cooking, children's workshops in English, and single subject ateliers that cover a chosen technique or theme in French cuisine. We accommodate up to 8 students per class. There is plenty of opportunity for hands-on learning in our classes.