Private French Pastry

We can privatize Plum's Workshops | For 4-6 people
Any one of Plum's French Pastry workshops can be privatized for your family or group of 4-6 friends. This can be organized by clicking "contact" on this website, and beginning a dialogue. We can work with you, given availability on the teaching calendar, to determine a subject, the content, and the date of your class.

Private workshops must be organized plenty of time in advance, given that Plum's schedule can fill up several months out. Any request for scheduling is eventually confirmed by your signing up for the class created specifically for your group. Prices start at €480 for 4 participants.

About Plum Lyon: The Plum Lyon kitchen welcomes you to come and cook in Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France. Located in the ancient silk-worker's district on the hill of the Croix Rousse, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen is offering seasonal market classes, classic French cooking, children's workshops in English, and single subject ateliers that cover a chosen technique or theme in French cuisine. There is plenty of opportunity for hands-on learning in our classes.

Unless otherwise noted, all of Plum Lyon's classes are conducted in the English language. We require a minimum of 4 participants for a private pastry workshop.

Please be advised that we reserve the right to accept alternate teaching engagements or professional commitments if a group seeking a private class does not confirm and sign up for a class within a reasonable period of time.